Ensuring your business has a sustainable model, now and in the future


+Insights on the structure of your business

+Clarity on token design and consequences

+Verbiage for Token Sale


White Paper Writing

+ Create a whitepaper and infographics

Business Services

The Business Service involves conceptualising the Tokenomics of your ICO, i.e. providing an updated

short draft of the White Paper advising how the tokens will work which is called a Lite Paper or Skeletal

Paper (7 to 10 pages). Gravitas will provide two or more Lite Papers for the client to choose from within

5 business days of a signed engagement agreement, on provision of the client’s business, technical and

company information. On selection of the preferred Lite Paper for the ICO project, Gravitas will produce

the ICO White Paper consisting of writing and editing, including up to 3 revisions.

• Issuing a Singapore legal opinion document (Including up to 4 revisions)

• Liaising with your tax and accounting advisors for corporate structuring.

• Engagement with the Monetary Authority of Singapore, up to 20 hours

• Simple Agreement for Future Tokens(SAFT)

• Privacy Policy as per Singapore Law (circa 3 to 5 page document)

• Terms and Conditions of Token Sale (circa 7 page document)

• General Terms and Conditions for your ICO website

• Liason/management of your external legal counsel for matters related.

Scope of Legal Opinion

Preparing an advisory memorandum ("Advice") summarising our views (a) on issues such as the

ring-fencing of liabilities and choice of suitable corporate vehicles, and (b) on whether the Token

Sale would be regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore ("MAS") under the relevant legislation

in Singapore, which shall cover, as applicable:

(i) Reviewing and discussing with the Company the features of the tokens proposed to be

offered during the Token Sale ("Tokens");

(ii) analysing whether the Tokens would be regarded as “capital market products” under the Securities

and Futures Act (Cap. 289) of Singapore ("SFA"), and if so, a summary of the regulatory requirements under

the SFA which may be relevant / or are required to be satisfied;

(iii) the applicable AML / KYC regulations and requirements in respect of the Token Sale; and

(iv) Other legislation and regulations in Singapore which may be applicable to the Token Sale, including

but without limitation, the Payment Systems (Oversight) Act (Cap. 222A) of Singapore, the Money - Changing and

Remittance Businesses Act(Cap.187) of Singapore and the Personal Data Protection Act 2012.


• Development of a Smart Contract using a ERC-20 Token for your ICO project

• Security testing of token including security audit report

Smart Contract


ICO/Crowdsale Website



Android Wallet App

iOS Wallet App

Block Explorer

• Consultancy Advice

+ Consultancy advice from Gravitas International

• Blockchain Scale-up

Start from zero and rise to millions of users

• ICO Benchmarking & Ratings

To have your ICO rated by experts

• ICO Advisory

+ Advising a business model that utilizes the blockchain

• Investor Relations

+ Working with you on funding and investor relations


• Provision of ICO Marketing Strategy

consist of initial 3 to 4 hour marketing consultation with the CMO,

strategy document to be provided

• Provision of Presenter/Host

• Provision of a global roadmap for upcoming conferences

To have your ICO rated by experts

• Provision of 1 Community Management Resource

Management of Telegram Group in English

• Collaboration with and advice to your Social Media

Manager/Marketing Manager

Management of Telegram Group in English

• Use of Gravitas Senior Management head shot and bio as an advisor in all your ICO documentation

+ Consultancy advise from a member of the Gravitas teamevery week as required

+ Assistance with fund raising and book building through private network of investors

• Creation of terms sheet for seed round and token sales T&C sheet.

• Creation of Investor Deck to be sent to investors

• Introduction to investors at roadmap events

• Inclusive of your ICO Project on the Gravitas Investor Web Portal.

Additional Services

• Read and review of White Paper and provide an evaluation

• Small investor meetups can be arranged